Your Guide to Operating a GA Flight to EBACE – Geneva

  • Your Guide to Operating a GA Flight to EBACE – Geneva

    Your Guide to Operating a GA Flight to EBACE – Geneva

    The European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) is a premier event and the annual meeting place for the European business aviation community. 

    EBACE is held this year from 21st till 23rd May at Geneva (LSGG), For those planning to attend this venue or travel to LSGG during this time frame, early trip planning is very recommended as (LSGG) is congested with general aviation activity.

    We prepared a list of important information to help you plan your trip:


    Airport Options

    The primary airport for EBACE is (LSGG), the Palexpo Exhibit and Trade Centre is also connected to the airport, so almost all participants opt-in for landing in this airport. (LSGG) is an airport of entry (AOE) with full services and support for General/Business Aviation. Ground support equipment (GSE) is also available. 

    Generally (LSSG) is busy throughout the day, because there is only one runway, expect delays when the weather is bad.

    Airport operating hours are daily 0600-2200 local time with no possibility for overtime. The aircraft must be on the ground by 2200 local when arriving, or you’ll be diverted. 

    Departures must be on wheels up by 2145 local. If your aircraft is filing as N then there is an extension until 2359 local only if passengers are onboard so ferry flights aren’t eligible for this extension.

    No runway closures are anticipated during the EBACE event, and all demo flights will obtain slots normally.

    Alternative airports:

    The most viable alternates are Zurich (LSZH), Lyon (LFLL), and Basel (LFSB). all of them are airport of entry with full General/Business Aviation support services.

    Zurich (LSZH) and Basel (LFSB) run into similar airport slot and parking issues like in (LSGG) during EBACE, you should plan on around two hours travel time to reach LSGG from any of these alternates.

    Lyon (LFLL) is a 24-hour airport of entry for aircraft of stage 3 and above. Stage 2 equipment only operate during limited hours between 0615-2215 local for arrival, and 0600-2215 local for departure. Thrust reversers between 2200-0600 local are prohibited. Normally GA parking is not an issue but it may be during EBACE time, many attendees usually park aircraft here. Train travel between (LFLL) and (LSGG) is about one and a half hour.


    Parking Options

    Expect some GA parking areas to be blocked during EBACE, these GA parking areas will be allocated to static display aircraft only.

    Overnight parking might be limited two days prior to and during the event. Usually every year (LSGG) airport authority issues a NOTAM that restricts GA parking to just one night for aircraft with wingspans of more than 24 meters.

    You need to consider arranging the parking ahead of time or, otherwise, If you’re unable to arrange overnight parking at LSGG you may need to consider to park somewhere else, the ground limited in (LSGG) is two hours.

    If you’re not able to obtain the length of parking you need, then several alternate airports are available. 



    Switzerland landing permits are required for charter (non-scheduled commercial) operations only. The permit processing lead time is five business days and usually fewer days if you have everything organized and the requests submitted during normal (CAA) business hours. 

    Standard aircraft documents are required for the permit request. Our operations team can arrange the permit on your behalf.


    PPR and airport slot requirements

    Slots can only be obtained via the slot request system online for LSGG airport. We can arrange the slots for your as we already registered in the system. 

    Slots are issued in 19-minute blocks and are strictly enforced. A confirmation number is needed for slots and should be included in the remarks section of the flight plan. 

    LSGG does not require prior permission required (PPR), but during EBACE period the PPR must be obtained. 

    For Zurich (LSZH) airport slots have 15 minutes validity, Lyon (LFLL) have 30 minutes validity and for both locations, slot confirmation is required and need to be included in the remarks section of the flight plan. 


    Customs and Visas

    Customs, immigration, and quarantine (CIQ) are cleared within general aviation terminals (GAT) at all airports and it is done quickly.

    There are no visas on arrival for Switzerland, visas must always be obtained prior to arrival when they are required.



    Fuel delay is a common issue in Switzerland, consider uplifting at least minimum fuel upon arrival. 

    Fuel cards and credit cards are accepted with no issues. Be aware of the (VAT) Value added tax (MOT) mineral oil tax these can easily double the price of your fuel. 

    To benefit from fuel taxes exemption contact our fuel team [email protected]  

    You need to be mindful that if the aircraft does not depart Switzerland within 24 hours of fuel uplift, VAT and MOT will be charged retroactively.



    Hotels tend to be priced higher in Geneva during EBACE, expect for a 4-star crew accommodation between 350-500 USD per night. 

    Hotel prices are cheaper in France and availability is much more better, the travel time between France and the exhibition location is around one hour with car, so you might want to consider this option for your crew. 

    You can reach our travel team for help in booking accommodation where you can benefit from our extensive travel network and special deals.