New Procedures for Slots at VHHH for BA/GA Operations

  • New Procedures for Slots at VHHH for BA/GA Operations

    New Procedures for Slots at VHHH for BA/GA Operations

    The Hong Kong Schedule Coordination Office published some major changes to the night slot process for business aviation at VHHH Airport (Hong Kong International Airport). Below a summary of the HKSCO publication.


    Effective 23 September 2019, GA/BA night slots for operations between 1600-2059 UTC are made available daily for non-exempted aircraft for operations within 14 calendar days from day of application (in UTC) shall be processed by the CAA online application system.


    Due to system overload the application procedures for “last-minute canceled slots outside the night period by commercial services” should be done using the “Ask-Us” function for all GA/BA aircraft types.


    Slots are available 24/7 at VHHH, limitations for night operations between 1600-2059 priority is given to scheduled commercial traffic.


    You should take into consideration that if an operator did not use an assigned slot, without canceling it in advance, or was substantially late in terms of approved slot time the tail number of the aircraft will be penalized and penalties will be assigned to aircraft based on their misuse of slots if an aircraft accumulate more than 20 penalty points at any time within 12 calendar months, lead time to book future slots will be reduced from 14 days to 10 days for a period of one month.
    If the penalties reach 20 points again within that calendar year, the penalty will apply again.


    VHHH online application system requires access permission. MoonJet Flight Support and registered handlers can obtain airport slots for you. Our team is always available to support your mission don’t hesitate to contact us [email protected].