Our Pledge to assist the Humanitarian and Medical Supply Missions During the COVID-19 Crisis

  • Our Pledge to assist the Humanitarian and Medical Supply Missions During the COVID-19 Crisis

    Our Pledge to assist the Humanitarian and Medical Supply Missions During the COVID-19 Crisis

    The current situation across the globe is unprecedented, this crisis is a testing time for not only our industry but for every human being on this planet.

    Though there are flying restrictions across most of the nations however the humanitarian missions are being focused on now as we all are the support of each other in this difficult time of our lives.
    These missions are far more critical than ever as we have together raged war against our common enemy – COVID-19!

    Humanitarian medical supplies, tests & cargo flights are very important for saving lives.
    It is time we as a team put together all our experiences & contacts across the globe so that effective planning can be done for any such mission, keeping in view the various restrictions imposed.

    This is a challenging task, whereas we are thoroughly prepared for it. Effective immediately, MOONJET FLIGHT SUPPORT has taken following decision for flights specifically classified as COVID-19 Medical supply flight or Humanitarian Flight:

    1. Handling Arrangement Fees / Coordination fees will be completely waived off.*
    2. Trip feasibility assessments, research & any consultation services will be absolutely free of cost.
      Note: *third-party fees or disbursement fees still apply.

    If you have any mission upcoming or in the planning phase, do let us know and we will assist you with the feasibility assessment of each leg.
    We will update you with the current restrictions (being updated on an hourly basis by nations), what you are allowed to do, any crew restrictions and local quarantines in place, what you can expect on arrival, the documents you’ll need, the questions you’ll be asked by authorities, and what services are still in operation and available to you, etc…

    When this epidemic started and went on to be a global pandemic, there have been many such flights which made headlines, a recent example is the complicated delivery of one million masks and half a million test kits from China to the United States donated by Alibaba founder, Jack Ma.

    Whereas apart from these missions which made to headlines, many more are happening every day, but whether or not they make to the headlines – every one of these missions is very crucial given the present-day situation.

    Our team has been a regular part of these missions, supporting operators across the globe to accomplish the tasks. Be it the permissions from various CAAs, fast track ground services or arranging fuel at tough locations too.

    We understand that this COVID-19 crisis has made operations very complicated and flights are not regular anymore. We are making our global resources to work and get the desired results. Our operations team is regularly updating itself with global scenarios and working in a direction so that we make you ready in advance about the on-ground situations, alternatives, and ways to make the operations smooth by getting the transparent information.

    We pledge to do our best and join our operators to accomplish these missions, so if you have any planning going on – do let us know!

    If you have an upcoming humanitarian medical supply flight and need help, contact any of our operations team: [email protected]
    For fuel arrangements, you can write to our fuel team: [email protected]

    Everyone on this planet is a warrior fighting against this global pandemic – one of its kind-. Its time we all work as a team and come together to support each other. Our joint efforts and solidarity will pave the way for success against this unprecedented.

    Together very soon, we will overcome this crisis and make our world a better place to live for our future generations.

    You can trust us as your essential resource if you are considering a COVID-19 humanitarian mission. Whereas, if you know any operator planning for the same – you can recommend us for this mission too.

    Together we can & together we will!
    Michel Jako
    CEO, Moonjet Flight Support