Top Destinations for an Unforgettable Summer Vacation

  • Top Destinations for an Unforgettable Summer Vacation

    Top Destinations for an Unforgettable Summer Vacation

    Summer is here and it is time to plan for your annual summertime excursion.

    In this blog, we will share the most favorable destinations during the summer, we used social networks and Google Trends analysis and shortened the list to provide you with the top trending summer vacation destinations that everyone is looking for this year.


    Bali, Indonesia

    A place on everyone’s bucket list, the exotic Asian island is one of the most dreamed of destinations, particularly amongst couples and newlyweds.
    Every year Bali welcomes about five million tourists the majority of which come during the summer to enjoy the magnificent beaches, stunning landscape, warm people, and the delicious cuisine.
    Bali is also famous for its mesmerizing beach hotels. We recommend booking ahead of time because these hotels are so popular and tend to be fully booked months ahead of the season due to their location and access to private beaches away from the crowded common areas.

    Ngurah Rai International Airport (WADD) is the only airport in Bali. Chartered flights require both overflight and landing permit, so plan your flight taking account of the required lead time as well.


    Nice, France

    France has always been a favorite destination among travelers and the Southern part is no exception. Cote d’Azur in Nice has a selection of luxury hotels with private beaches.

    Nice Cote d’Azur Airport (LFMN) or Cannes Mandelieu Airport (LFMD) accepts both commercial and general aviation flights.
    You might not need an overflight permit when flying to France but you do require a landing permit, our team can help you obtain the needed Slots PPR and expedited CIQ procedures.


    Mykonos, Greece

    Known as the allurement and charmer island of Greece, this bohemian Mecca of Europe is one of the glitziest, most distinguished tourist destinations, flocked with A lists, pop stars, actors, and more.
    An astonishing place to enjoy blue water beaches, captivating cliffs, and multicolored landscapes, and rich gastronomic experience.

    Mykonos International Airport (LGMK) is the only airport in Mykonos. You can use Syros Island National Airport in Syros Island as an alternative option, which is just 45km away from (LGMK).

    Greece doesn’t require an overflight permit, but you do need a landing permit. Our team can help you obtain it and can also arrange all of your ground handling needs in this location.


    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Shimmering sunlight, sapphire colored waters, boats, and heritage buildings are the perfect combination to attract people to visit Dubrovnik in Croatia, These features make it the perfect summer destination. It is recommended to travel to especially from May to September.
    Summer vacation in Croatia definitely includes pools, therefore Dubrovnik has many hotels with incredible swimming pools and spas.

    Dubrovnik Airport (LDDU) does not need an overflight permit, but you do require a landing permit when flying to Croatia. Our team is always ready to help you in Croatia for all of your trip needs.


    Ibiza, Spain

    Ibiza is growing in popularity among travelers every year as a summer-centric destination.
    The city has also seen a tremendous rise in private jets flying in during the last couple of years.
    The city is popular amongst nature lovers for its picturesque beauty, spectacular views of the sunset, clean swimming pools, spas, luxury dining experience.

    Ibiza Airport (LEIB) serves Ibiza and Formentera. Almost all travelers who arrive at or depart from these two islands use this airport. You only require a landing permit for flying to Spain.


    You now have our top picks for this summer, make sure you’re ready for the perfect summer trip.

    Our expert trip planning team is always ready to make your summer holiday a truly memorable experience, contact our team for tailored bespoke travel and flight support [email protected]