All You Need to Know About Boeing’s New Business Jet BBJ-777X

  • All You Need to Know About Boeing’s New Business Jet BBJ-777X

    All You Need to Know About Boeing’s New Business Jet BBJ-777X

    When Boeing unveiled the BBJ 777X last month it sparked the interest of aviation geeks, the media, and the internet alike.

    And we can’t blame anyone this business jet is truly like no other, it will be the first business jet that can fly from anywhere on Earth to anywhere else, nonstop. Those long legs can be traveled in comfort, with a spacious cabin nearly 8 feet tall and 20 feet wide providing plenty of room for work, meetings, and relaxing.

    BBJ 777X maximum range is 11,645 nautical miles (21,570 km), it will be able to turn routes that currently require two flights into non-stop journeys, like non-stop Sydney to London.

    Here we summarise the specs of the BBJ 777X in one article:

    The aircraft will be available in two models BBJ 777-8 and the BBJ 777-9


    Boeing BBJ 777X Specs Summary


    BBJ 777-8

    BBJ 777-9

    Flight range

    11,645 nautical miles (21,570 km)

    11,000 nautical miles (20,370 km)


    3,256 sq ft (302.5 sq m)

    3,689 sq ft (342.7 sq m)

    Delivery date (expected)

    Early 2021



    The interior features the tallest and widest cabin, and as large a main deck as a 747, and windows larger than any airliner’s other than the 787. Additionally, the cabin altitude has been lowered to 6,000 feet. Engineers and designers determined that any reduction in cabin altitude below 6,000 feet produced insufficient improvements in passengers’ feelings of well being to warrant the cost of further lowering interior altitude.


    The 777X also incorporates the Smooth Ride technology developed for the 787, which takes pressure readings from the pilot and static ports to determine turbulence levels and adjusts the fly-by-wire flight controls to dampen oscillations.

    In the flight deck, 15-inch displays support advanced navigation and RNP and GPS approach capabilities.

    The advanced GE9X engines offer a 5 percent lower specific fuel consumption than competing engines, coming in 15 dB below stage 4 noise levels, and delivering 29 percent lower emissions than CAEP/8 requirements.

    BBJ also unveiled interior concepts from completion specialists Greenpoint Technologies and Jet Aviation, and from German design firm Unique Aircraft Design, illustrating how the BBJ 777X “can be transformed to meet the tastes of any VIP customer,” according to the company.


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