Knowing you can rely on an expert flight planning team and can access it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year brings a multitude of benefits when you go about planning your trips. Knowing that whatever scenario unfolds, you have years of combined flying and flight planning experience working for you – even in the most remote of locations – gives you that priceless feeling of safety and security.

Having an expert team provide an in-depth consultation for your journey, rapidly analyzing all the necessary parameters, such as air traffic, airspaces and aircraft performance data and making the best judgments to serve your mission, mean you have the luxury of sitting back and enjoying the journey.
Flight MoonJet can provide your company with State-of-the-Art flight planning. We can tailor a flight planning service to meet your needs, whether we provide you with flight plans generated by our certified dispatchers or remote access to flight planning system via the internet.


MoonJet operates a 24/7 operational control center and employs fully qualified dispatchers with worldwide flight planning experience to assist you with your needs. We use the most reliable flight planning software to arrange all your aeronautical and flight planning needs.

  • Full Computerized Flight Plan with Live Winds
  • ATC Flight Plan Filing
  • Updated NOTAMS
  • Textual and Graphical Aviation Weather
  • Electronic Airways
  • Electronic Airports Charts
  • Runway Analysis
  • Approach Plates

Providing first class international trip support services worldwide.

Our team is available around the clock. MoonJet is your aviation services provider one stop shop. Simply contact us and our experienced operations team will get back to you in minutes with the best offering that suits your needs.