Twin Engine Turboprop Planes You Might Have Missed

  • Twin Engine Turboprop Planes You Might Have Missed

    Twin Engine Turboprop Planes You Might Have Missed

    Turboprop airplanes are jet-like midsize planes with jet engines. There are single-engine turboprop aircraft that cruises just as fast and performs just as good a light jet. While the two engines obviously are better than one. We prepared a list of some of the top multi-engine turboprop airplanes we have in the industry.

    These turboprops use jet engines provide similar cabin comfort as a jet would and they cost just about the same price to purchase. But what these planes have over a jet is that they are less costly to operate and maintain. The operating cost per hour for turboprop airplanes can be significantly cheaper than even a small size jet. Here are five of the best twin-turboprop aircraft.


    Beechcraft King Air 350i

    Capacity: 11 Passengers

    Range: UP TO 2077 miles

    Speed: UP TO 359 mph

    Price: $5M – $8M

    The King Air was first introduced in 1972 and this airplane has remained solid in its place as the top dog when it comes to luxury business transport. With each turboprop engines pumping out over 1000 horsepower of thrust. This aircraft will carry tons and still cruise at 300 mph or more. The King Air 350i is not just a staple in general aviation. It is the gold standard.


    Cessna Corsair 425

    Capacity: 8 Passengers

    Range: UP TO 1540 miles

    Speed: UP TO 309 mph

    Price: $700,000 – $1M

    Built off of the piston twin-engine Cessna 421, The Cessna 425 is a beefed-up version with turboprops twin engines. Only produced for 5 years, you’ll still find some of them flying today. This is one aircraft you can actually use as a private plane. The plane can carry up to eight passengers with ease and still cruise up to 300 miles per hour.


    SAAB 340

    Capacity: 39 Passengers

    Range: UP TO 2467 miles

    Speed: UP TO 324 mph

    Price: $6M – $10M

    You probably have not heard or seen this plane before, but yea it was once a production airplane from the Swedish company SAAB. Geared more towards commercial/regional airliners. This airplane was built to carry passengers for sure. You may buy one and convert it into a private jet, but with the price tag, you might as well find you a nice mid-size jet.


    Piaggio Avanti Evo

    Capacity: 10 Passengers

    Range: UP TO 2036 miles

    Speed: UP TO 460 mph

    Price: $6M – $8M

    An Italian make. This plane sets the bar aside. Looking at the design and finishes, it’s hard to find any other jet-like machine on the ramp that looks like a Piaggio. With those powerful turboprop engines facing the back, You get a boost of force that can thrust you well over 400 miles per hour in this airplane.