A Closer Comparative Look at the New Gulfstream G700

  • A Closer Comparative Look at the New Gulfstream G700

    A Closer Comparative Look at the New Gulfstream G700

    Gulfstream announced its new ultra long-rang aircraft the Gulfstream G700 days ago during NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas. The G700 announcement has certainly grabbed a lot of attention at this year’s NBAA-BACE.

    The ultra long-range G700 will be Gulfstream’s new flagship, a step up from its current G650ER in several respects, and with a specification that is a close rival to Bombardier’s Global 7500 in some areas, and ahead of it in others.


    So how does it compare with its rival the Global 7500?

    The G700 will be able to fly for 7,500nm matching the Global 7500’s range before its recent extension to 7,700nm just days ahead of the announcement. Both aircraft are capable of flying to the very far extremes, so a couple of hundred nautical miles doesn’t make much difference to most passengers, once you can cover the world’s top route pairings.

    The maximum speed of the G700 is an exact match of the Global 7500 at 0.925 Mach. So for the overall range and speed performance the difference between them will shave off minutes, rather than hours, on a typical flight.


    Inside the cabin of the G700

    The real differentiator between the two is the cabin experience. Where they compete on how many zones you can create to offer more privacy, convenience sleeping, and working options onboard.


    The Global 7500 has four cabin zones, the new G700 will now have five zones making it the tallest and widest cabin in business aviation to date, which is around 7% bigger than the competing Global 7500 cabin space. The G700 cabin is 2 feet longer, slightly higher and wider too.

    The G700’s five cabin zones can seat up to 19 passengers offering a dedicated master bedroom suite with shower and also a separate, private area for dining or conference space that seats six.

    As you would expect, the new aircraft has also pushed the limits when it comes to the lighting and cabin environment, with a record-breaking 20 windows. It is also equipped with a lighting system that recreates sunrise and sunset to reduce jet lag, pressurization to give the lowest cabin altitude in the industry; and 100% fresh air circulation.



    What about pricing?

    Price-wise, the G700 will come at a higher price than the Global 7500, at $75 million, versus $72.8 million.

    First deliveries of the G700 are scheduled to begin in 2022.