Why Using a Reputable Trip Support Partner for Assistance with Air Ambulance Flights Is a Sensible Solution

  • Why Using a Reputable Trip Support Partner for Assistance with Air Ambulance Flights Is a Sensible Solution

    Why Using a Reputable Trip Support Partner for Assistance with Air Ambulance Flights Is a Sensible Solution

    Medevac flights by their very nature are complex and require multiple often fast-moving situations to be carefully managed. During a global pandemic, additional local, national and international requirements that can change by the hour, can easily lead to such flights becoming a major headache for many already stretched ops teams.
    But it doesn’t have to be! Using a reputable, experienced support company with a worldwide capability is a key resource that should be seen as an extension of their own team by operators and regularly utilised as a matter of course. The operation described below is a great example of why reaching out for expertise really helps extend the capability, spread the workload and deliver a successful operation. In these times where there is little business to be had, the out of the ordinary should not be a reason to turn down business!

    The recent trip revolved around a US citizen with non-covid complications located in southern Ecuador requiring urgent hospital treatment back in the USA. The fact that the nearest runway was at a small domestic-only, limited opening airport added to the complexity of the operation. In order to authorise an ambulance flight permit, the Ecuadorian authorities require a letter from a locally registered doctor explaining the condition of the patient and confirming the need for an evacuation by air. In this case this was not possible, the patient was neither under the care of a local doctor nor in a location where visiting one was possible within a short timeframe. So problem number one for the operator was how to obtain a landing permit quickly.

    Fortunately, by turning to MoonJet for help, they were able to unlock MoonJet’s experience and local contacts to assist. By quickly obtaining overflight permits for Cuba, Colombia, Nicaragua and Panama together with an Ecuadorian landing permit and a secure crew hotel, the operator was able to launch the aircraft and crew to position into Guayaquil, pending final approval for the domestic flight to the closest airport the following day. With the Ecuador CAA on restricted hours due to the pandemic, MoonJet continued to use its resources and influence to obtain the necessary permissions, whilst simultaneously setting up a ground ambulance transfer to take the medical crew to the patient and then back to the aircraft, in addition to the ‘usual’ requirements of arranging for fuel, weather, flight planning and ground handling. Things went to the down to the wire but the permit was granted in time and the flight was able to depart as planned with the patient delivered safely back to the US for hospital treatment. A successful flight for the happy operator, a great result for MoonJet and of course a fantastic relief for the patient and their family.

    Moonjet has continued to play a key supporting role to operations teams across the world throughout this crisis to enable them to successfully plan, manage and complete such flights, and helping behind the scenes in bringing citizens stranded abroad and in need of specialist medical treatment safely home to their loved ones. We are available for any assistance you require worldwide, please do contact us anytime.