Your Guide to Operating a GA Flight to Rio de Janeiro

  • Your Guide to Operating a GA Flight to Rio de Janeiro

    Your Guide to Operating a GA Flight to Rio de Janeiro

    The city of Rio de Janeiro has been one of Brazil’s most popular and frequented tourist destinations for decades. Its vibrant city center is filled with culture and throbbing with a deep sense of history and heritage.

    Our operations team prepared this guide for your next GA/BA operation to the magical city of Rio.


    Airport Options

    Rio de Janeiro-Antonio Carlos Jobim Airport or (SBGL) is the primary airport serving the city, it is a 24-hour airport of entry (AOE). The airport is also capable of GA parking. The drive time from the (SBGL) to the city center is about an hour.

    Santos Dumont Airport (SBRJ) is another option, it is closer to the city center, but you should be careful as this airport is not an Airport of Entry (AOE), it has a shorter runway and limited GA parking.
    Since this airport is not an (AOE) we do not recommend using it, it is complicated to plan international flights to it because you are required to land in an (AOE) and obtain special permission for operating a domestic leg in Brazil.



    The lead time for obtaining flight permits for an international flight to a single AOE in Brazil is 48 hours. It is possible to obtain a permit within 24 hours, at the discretion of the airport authority.
    PPR is required and you will need it for parking at (SBGL).

    To fly domestically or in other words to fly another leg within the airspace of Brazil, you first need to land at an (AOE) airport (SBGL), (SBRF), or (SBEG). Then validate your domestic overflight permit, it takes one and a half hour to validate the domestic overflight permit.

    When applying for a domestic overflight permit please keep in mind that 72 hours or three business days lead time is required. It is possible to obtain approval within 48 hours, or even 24 hours notice. But for most flights and for general cases 72 hours lead time is required.

    For the domestic permit requirements, you will need to provide airworthiness and registration certificates, global insurance, pilot licenses & medicals, along with the complete flight schedule.

    Landing permits are easily obtained for GA/BA, while for commercial flights it will be necessary that a legal representative is requesting for the Slot and landing, (which can be provided by MoonJet). The requirements for the landing permit are the aircraft and the crew documents.


    PPR and airport slot requirements

    There are no airport slot requirements at either SBGL or SBRJ.
    Be mindful that in order to obtain overnight parking at SBGL you’ll need to apply for (PPR) prior permission required.



    GA parking at SBGL is sufficient, rarely fills up and long term parking is possible. Our Trip Cost Estimation team can provide an adequate quotation for your aircraft just send us an email with your aircraft type and desired parking location.


    Ground handling

    Ground handling services are not an issue in Brazil, we can arrange all services required but keep in mind a lead time of 24 hours minimum prior to arrival.



    Fuel should be confirmed prior to arrival, MoonJet Fuel team can assist you with fueling in Rio de Janeiro with very competitive pricing, and multiple payment options. You can send an email directly or fill the form to get an instant Jet Fuel Quote.



    Passengers may require visas for Brazil, depending upon nationality. If a visa is needed it must be obtained in advance as there is no visa on arrival option available.
    Crew members may be exempt from visas for Brazil. But this exemption is only possible if you’re arriving as crew, not if you pre-position in a commercial flight to pick up a GA flight outward.
    MoonJet can also provide help with crew and passengers visas.



    MoonJet travels team can arrange hotel accommodation for your crew and passengers in all major international hotel chains and local 4/5-star hotel options, we also guarantee competitive room pricing. You can request a free estimate for Hotel pricing on our website, or through email.



    Various catering options are available depending on your needs, it is also possible to arrange from local restaurants, but drive time to the airport should be kept in mind.
    At MoonJet we take pride of our dedicated catering team, we can fulfill your special catering requests at all of Brazil airports, we also coordinate with local ground handlers, and delivery to airside 90-120 minutes prior to departure.



    Be aware of lead times when scheduling a GA trip to Rio de Janeiro, permissions are not an issue if all required documents are correctly enclosed.

    Operating a GA trip to Rio de Janeiro is hassle-free with the help of a professional flight support provider, we can take care of all the necessary documentation and requirements for you. Our team is available around the clock to take your requests.