MoonJet Soars High at EBACE 2023!

  • MoonJet Soars High at EBACE 2023!

    MoonJet Soars High at EBACE 2023!

    Geneva, Switzerland — May 25, 2023 — MoonJet Flight Support, a leading provider of comprehensive flight support services, is thrilled to announce its successful participation as an exhibitor and sponsor at EBACE 2023, the prestigious air mobility and aviation exhibit held in Geneva, Switzerland.


    With its unwavering commitment to excellence, MoonJet Flight Support showcased its wide range of services and products, which cater to both private and commercial operators in the aviation industry. The event served as an exceptional platform for the company to forge new partnerships, foster industry relationships, and highlight its comprehensive A to Z flight support solutions.


    At the heart of MoonJet Flight Support’s offerings lies an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. By providing services such as private jet charters, securing overflight and landing permits on behalf of operators, ground handling supervision and coordination, aviation fuel sourcing and sales in numerous airports, flight planning, weather briefing, in-flight catering procurement, and a myriad of concierge services, the company continues to revolutionize the flight support industry.


    EBACE 2023 provided MoonJet with an exceptional opportunity to connect with key stakeholders, industry leaders, and aviation enthusiasts. The event facilitated valuable networking opportunities, allowing MoonJet to share its expertise and explore collaborations that will shape the future of the aviation landscape.


    “Our participation at EBACE 2023 has been an incredible success,” said Michel Jako, CEO of MoonJet Flight Support. “We are delighted to have showcased our extensive range of services and products to a global audience. This event has not only solidified our position as a leading flight support provider but has also opened doors to exciting new partnerships that will further enhance our ability to serve the aviation community.”

    MoonJet Flight Support is grateful to the organizers of EBACE 2023 for hosting an exceptional event that continues to bring together aviation professionals and industry leaders from around the world. The company looks forward to leveraging the momentum gained from this exhibition and expanding its services and partnerships to exceed the expectations of its esteemed clients.

    For more information about MoonJet Flight Support and its comprehensive range of flight support solutions, please visit our website at or contact our dedicated team at [email protected].


    About MoonJet

    MoonJet Flight Support is a leading provider of A to Z flight support services, catering to both private and commercial operators. With a comprehensive range of solutions, including private jet charters, overflight and landing permits, ground handling coordination, aviation fuel sourcing, flight planning, in-flight catering, and concierge services, MoonJet Flight Support is committed to delivering exceptional support to operators worldwide.