Your Guide to Venice Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ)

  • Your Guide to Venice Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ)

    Your Guide to Venice Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ)

    Venice is one of the most visited destinations in the world, it is on every traveler’s checklist. We have suggested the magical city several times in our blog and social media channels, ever since our travel team keeps getting inquiries about the city and the ease of access for private jets, so we prepared this guide to help our readers and answer your main questions.

    Venice is served by the Marco Polo International Airport (Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo) – LIPZ/VCE


    General Information

    LIPZ airport is located across the water from Venice island. It is a 24/7 airport of entry (AOE). The airport has a general aviation terminal (GAT) which is opened daily 0600-2200 local with overtime available upon prior notification.
    The airport supports all General Aviation services, fuel and credit agreements are available at this location from MoonJet vendors.

    The airport had been gaining momentum in the last couple of years and is becoming much busier because of scheduled commercial activity.

    GA/BA operators are advised to avoid the airport at commercial peak hours 1100-1400 local daily.


    Landing Permit

    Landing permits are required for charter operations at Venice (LIPZ) airport, but they are not required for private non-revenue flights.



    (PPR) Prior Permission Required is needed for Venice (LIPZ) airport, the minimum recommended lead time for obtaining the (PPR) is between 24-48 hours. It is best to request this as soon as the schedule is known.

    The obtained (PPR) specify your parking approval and duration. The parking approval and length of stay can be revised upon arrival but it’s always best to plan ahead of time, the busier the airport gets the harder it is to revise or request changes.

    When applying for the (PPR) you should include the following information:
    Operator name, aircraft registration, crew and passenger details, intended length of stay you should also provide your value-added tax (VAT) number if applicable.



    Parking is part of the obtained (PPR) and is generally available and possible to extend, for extended parking you need prior approval and it is best to indicate the needed time in the initial (PPR) request. The airport authority will provide a positive or negative answer based on what’s available. Generally, the local airport authority is very supportive of GA/BA parking needs.

    There are 25 parking stands available for GA/BA at (LIPZ) airport, but during winter the stands are reduced to 15, the other stands are converted to de-ice areas.

    Parking for larger aircraft like the Gulfstream G650 is limited at the airport with only 2 stands available for large aircraft, But It is also possible to obtain parking permission on the commercial side if the assigned GA stands fill up and there is a room for parking in the commercial side.

    Generally, it is not easy to obtain parking permission for more than 7 days – there is no rule on this – but based on our team’s prior experience, yet if there is a stand available the airport authority will mostly grant the permission.

    Parking is also possible at alternate locations like (LIPQ) Trieste or (LIPH) Treviso both of these airports are 24/7 AOEs our team recommends LIPH because it has a dedicated GA/BA entrance to the main terminal and like LIPQ ground support equipment (GSE) is available.

    Drive times from LIPH, LIPQ to Venice are about 30 and 60 minutes respectively.
    (LIML) Milan is another option but it takes 2.5 hours drive to reach Venice from there.


    CIQ Clearance

    (CIQ) Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine takes about 10 minutes at (LIPZ) airport within the GA terminal (GAT) during operating hours 0600-2200 local daily or when overtime has been confirmed. Outside GA terminal hours and if overtime is not arranged (CIQ) is done at the main terminal, ground handlers will help through the process. Prior notice for clearance is not needed at (LIPZ) Venice nor (LIML) Milan but if you are parking at (LIPQ) Trieste or (LIPH) Treviso (CIQ) notice is recommended 24 hours prior to the departure.



    Charter (non-scheduled commercial) operations may uplift upon arrival or at any time up until departure. While private non-revenue flight may only uplift fuel within four hours of departure.
    Fuel VAT is (22%) applied to all flights at all locations in Italy contact our fuel team to get an exact jet fuel quote for flight.


    Crew Accommodations

    MoonJet can always get your crew high-quality accommodations.
    For 4-star crew accommodations, expect to pay between 300 to 450 USD per night on the island and about 200 USD per night in the main city. It’s best to book accommodations three to four weeks in advance.

    MoonJet offers a variety of booking options with our executive travels network, contact our travel team for offers and hotel booking options.



    We recommend trying private water taxi services for getting to the mainland from the island. There’s a convenient water taxi terminal adjacent to the GA Terminal at (LIPZ) airport.

    You can get a free quote for all the above including ground handling and transportation through our Trip Cost Estimate service.


    Feel free to ask for any further details, our team is available around the clock to support all your flight needs.