Your Guide to Operating a GA Flight to Paris Air Show

  • Your Guide to Operating a GA Flight to Paris Air Show

    Your Guide to Operating a GA Flight to Paris Air Show

    Paris Air Show is held every two years. This is a must-attend event for many decision makers and professionals in the aviation industry.
    This will be a very busy time for operation a GA flight to Paris, the event taking place during the early summer season as well, expect airport congestion and limited hotel availability, therefore it is recommended to begin planning as soon as possible.


    Venue & Schedule

    This year the airshow and exhibition are taking place within June 17-23 at Le Bourget Airport (LFPB). June 17-20 is the period for trading and business meetups, the show open to the public on June 21 and closes on the 23rd.

    The following is an overview of what you need to know:


    Airport Options

    The primary airport for the Paris Air Show is (LFPB) Le Bourget Airport. It is where the airshow and static displays are taking place. (LFPB) is a full-service GA 24-hour (AOE) airport of entry (AOE) and plenty of (FBO) fixed-base operators to choose from.

    During the Air Show period, the airport and runway will be closed from time to time for demo flight purposes. During these periods no aircraft, other than those participating in the flying show, will be authorized to operate.


    Parking Options

    GA parking might be limited at (LFPB) during the Air Show period. The max wingspan for parking will be 52 meters over the air show period. The large aircraft parking area at (LFPB) will be given to static displays.

    Keep in mind that parking availability will primarily depend on the space available on FBO ramps, the airport authority may allocate additional parking spaces to FBOs, but it’s not advised to rely on this option as it is at the discretion of the airport authority and might not be provided if there was substantial congestion or large space given to static displays.
    You should consider parking at an alternative airport if overnight parking is not possible.


    Other Parking Options

    If you’re not able to park at (LFPB), or if your aircraft has a wide wingspan you should consider an alternative option like Pontoise (LFPT) or Charles de Gaulle (LFPG).

    Pontoise (LFPT) is located around 20 miles from (LFPB). but it is not an AOE and airport hours are usually 0800-2200 local with overtime available upon request. From last years experience with the Air Show (LFPT) may temporarily be designated an AOE and airport operating hours may be also extended. The airport has full-service GA support.

    Charles de Gaulle (LFPG) is another good option only 6 miles away.
    and also has full-service GA support. Take into consideration that scheduled commercial flights get higher priority.
    Airport slots are needed for (LFPG) and should be requested as soon as the schedule is known.


    Accommodation & Transportation

    During the Air Show period hotels in Paris and the surrounding areas are expected to be sold out. It is better to book in advance. However, if you are operating last-minute, you can find hotels for crew accommodations further out of the city.


    Local transport options should be arranged earlier as well, you can’t count on ride-sharing services like Uber, Chauffeur Privé, or Taxify because the vehicle should have a special sticker to allow it to enter (LFPB) airport. Only taxis are allowed to be in the airport without the sticker.
    Our team can arrange a transport option for you or you can request it from your ground handler.



    Additional security measures will be evident during the Air Show period. military police will be stationed throughout the airfield of the airport. Expect additional checks for parked GA aircraft, to ensure the integrity of security at (LFPB).



    You need special accreditation prior to flying to (LFPB) during the Air Show. The permission should be requested a minimum of 7 days before operating. Our team can help you obtain the accreditation if all aircraft and crew documents are in hand when applying.


    Arranging for such events can be time-consuming and cumbersome, our team of qualified aviation experts is always happy to help you with your international trip planning. Contact our 24/7 center [email protected]