Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

  • Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

    Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

    For ten years, MoonJet has been an industry reference for quality services and high standards for international trip support. Its customer-centric approach has won the recognition and acknowledgment of aviation operators and vendors. Rewarding the company with healthy growth and continues success.

    From aviation permits, ground handling, aviation fuels, to concierge executive services, MoonJet is available to assist your needs on every continent. Making it the world-wide aviation services partner you need to get things done without any nuisance.

    Our mission at MoonJet is to facilitate your executive travel and aviation needs. We can achieve this through our massive global network of vetted aviation partners covering the world and most remote locations.

    We excel at providing international trip planning, flight clearances, ground services all on short notice, no matter the aircraft type or the client’s demands.

    What sets us apart from the competition is our focus on the client’s needs and solving problems on time even in the most difficult circumstances.

    MoonJet offers customized trip solutions in more than 2300 locations, clients who discover MoonJet return again and again to leverage the company’s extensive global network and complete services portfolio.

    “We are very proud and optimistic about what we have achieved so far. MoonJet started in 2009 headquartered in UAE and during the past 10 years, expanded its presence by opening regional offices spread across the globe in Jordan, India, United Kingdom, and the U.S. We have managed to increase the number of flights served and proudly obtained new clients, while continuously earning the trust of our earliest clients. We increased the size of our staff and continuously developing partnerships with local handlers and fuel providers in new locations.
    For the next years, we will continue our strategy of expansion making sure MoonJet truly is Your World-Wide Aviation Services Partner. ” – Michel Jako, MoonJet Founder, and CEO.